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KeywordFIRST Paid Search Management

KeywordFirst has built a reputation as having one of the finest paid search engine marketing programs in the industry. We deliver outstanding, custom programs that deliver results for businesses of all types.

Your paid search programs will be managed by certified, qualified search engine marketing experts who will get the most out of your marketing budget. Our Paid Search Management services give our clients the competitive advantage needed to succeed in the constantly evolving and fluid pay-per-click marketplace.

Why choose KeywordFirst to manage your Paid Search program?

Results, results, results! Our clients will be happy to share outstanding search results.
KeywordFirst is certified, reliable and qualified to manage any type of PPC program.
KeywordFirst is recognized as a leader in the Paid Search industry.
Personal attention. Your account will be managed with attention to detail and care.

Paid Search Management Pricing Plans

Paid Search Management Details

KeywordFirst delivers unmatched paid search management for all our clients. We provide:

Exhaustive Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Conversion Tracking
Ad Copy Testing

Keyword Research
Our keyword research process is exhaustive and comprehensive. We uncover every possible and relevant search term, which may include the following:

Product Numbers
Word Variations
Brand/Product Terms
Local/Regional Keywords

Competitive Analysis
KeywordFirst will dig deep to find out what your competitors are doing with their search programs. We’ll make sure you know what’s going on in your industry and use the intelligence to run a more effective search campaign.
Geo-targeting lets you target your ads to specific locations and languages. Your geo-targeted campaigns will appear only to users located in those areas – making your marketing budget more efficient.
Conversion Tracking
Search programs are highly measureable. KeywordFirst will make sure all of your programs track the appropriate conversion activities such as a sale or a lead. We will use this information to optimize your programs and we’ll share the conversion results during regularly scheduled meetings with your account team.
Ad Copy Testing
KeywordFirst believes in continuous ad copy testing to help maximize the performance of your campaign. We’ll ensure that you have the best performing ad copy in order to drive quality traffic and the lowest cost conversions.

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